Specify Classes To Encrypt

If you selected “Protect the specified classes”, you should type the classes that need to protect here manually, but also the classes need to exclude from the encryption

You can input the full class name like:


If you want to encrypt all the classes in the package, you can input a wildcard case like:


One * means all the classes in the package, but exclude the classes in sub packages

if you want to encrypt all the classes in the package including the classes in sub packages, please use the wildcard case like:


The class names or the package names above apply to all jar files, just like the classpath. We have the class information in the jars mixed together, and any classes in any jar files that meet the conditions will be encrypted or excluded, if you selected “Protect inner jars”, the classes in the inner jars will be procesed too.

Although it needs to type the classes information manually, but we provide the class info tree on the right, you can view the struct there, and there is a context menu that could help you to edit the class list.