Excelsior JET Alternative - Protector4J

On May 15, 2019 Excelsior announced discontinuation of Excelsior JET in an e-mail to their customers[8] and next day also on their website.[9] Support was announced to be stopped and the engineering team to leave completely within only ~2 weeks ("early June 2019") and Website for downloads announced to be offline mid of June (within only ~4 weeks).

Protector4J is much more than Excelsior JET Alternative

Protector4J can help you to protect your java source code by encrypting the classes, it made a custom native ClassLoader by modifying the JVM. The Java classes are encrypted by AES and decrypted in the native ClassLoader. And it also introduces some mechanisms to improve the difficulty of cracking.

Protector4J can also help to to create the executable wrapper of your Java App for Windows, Linux, macOS