How to create multiple executable files.


Protector4J will create an executable file for each encryption task to run your application.

However, in some cases, an application may need to have multiple executable files, such as a main program, an update program, or others.

If you open the output directory, you will see an executable file and a configuration file named the same with the extension ".json". If you need to create other executable files, just copy and rename them, for example, app01.exe and app01.json. Open the app01.json file and modify "LibFolder" and "MainClass".

By default, the executable file uses all jar files under vlxlib as the classpath. You can create different LibFolders for different executable files and copy the corresponding jar files to the respective LibFolders. For example, create a folder named app01 and move all the jar files corresponding to app01 from vlxlib to that folder. Here is a related configuration example:

	"MainClass"      : "app01.MainClass",
	"LibFolder"      : "app01",
	"Verbose"        : false,
	"HideConsole"    : false,
	"IncludeJavaFX"  : true,
	"Splash"         : "",
	"SWTApplication" : false

Linux or macOS

For linux or macOS, it is very easy to create multiple executable files. Just copy the original and modify the content to launch another program.